Our Technology

Perfectly combines Tri-polar, High Fractional and Red LED therapy to safely reach and treat multiple skin layers.


Sisloy Facelift supreme is the third generation technology of Sisloy, is the most advanced for professional use, anti-aging device available today!

Sisloy Facelift Supreme features Tri-polar HF integrated preset parameters, allowing practitioners to choose between body or facial treatments. Targeted facial treatment regenerate collagen and elastin fibers at dermal level.


LEDs are significant biologically because they can modify the function of the mitochondria within cells. LEDs may be able to improve wound healing by reducing inflammation, and improve sun-damaged skin by accelerating the growth of new collagen.

The deep heating effect, in turn, accelerates the cell metabolism to augment collagen regeneration over the course of treatment. The final result: tighter, younger looking skin immediately and long-term skin rejuvenating.


Sisloy Facelift Supreme uses LED light emitting diode with red light and 3 polar High Frequency technologies. The light penetrates the skin more effectively than any cream and the treatment probe will heat up to 107 F to provide topical heating that increases local blood flow. The increased blood flow provides better oxygenation and stimulates for collagen and elastin production thus promoting skin cell regeneration at the epidermal and dermal level.

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